At 310 Guns our mission is to STOP CRIME and SAVE lives by preparing our students for the before, during and after of a self-defense incident. 

We believe that it is a right for an  individual to feel confident and safe in their everyday life, and we stride to offer this through a combination of classroom instruction as well as practical hands on experience. 

There are 3 main phases you MUST have prepared for, if you want to be truly ready for a self - defense incident:

  • Phase #1:  - Preparation (The Before)
  • Phase #2: - Reaction (The During)
  • Phase #3: - Resolution (The After)

Come check us out, and together we can get you "Phased In" 

If you want to keep your loved ones safe and avoid danger and you believe in your right to self-defense call us for all your lifesaving educational needs.

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The U.S. Concealed Carry Association Exists to
Help Responsible Gun Owners Like You

Avoid Danger, Save Lives &Keep Your Family Safe

The USCCA is NOT just for people who have a permit to carry a gun for personal protection. 
Self-defense education and training is for everyone.
We're proud to represent those who concealed carry because you make the world safer for everyone, but we're also here for you if:

1. You just have a gun in your home. You’ll want to get educated on safe storage options, proper cleaning techniques … and heck, even if you don’t have a gun yet, your USCCA Membership can help you discover which may be the right fit for your personal needs (and provide some deep discounts of up to 30% off gear with our industry partners too). 
2. You want to learn how to use a gun, just in case. Our professional and proven training is second to none, will help you learn to handle a firearm with confidence and allow you to keep your family safer during an emergency situation.
3. You're forced to protect yourself. The USCCA has purchased an insurance policy that provides the association and its members with self-defense liability insurance.⁰

The USCCA welcomes everyone who has made the decision to NOT be a victim…

And now we're making it even easier to become better prepared to keep yourself and the life that you've built safe.