At 310 Guns our mission is to STOP CRIME and SAVE lives by preparing our students for the before, during and after of a self-defense incident. 

We believe that it is a right for an  individual to feel confident and safe in their everyday life, and we stride to offer this through a combination of classroom instruction as well as practical hands on experience. 

There are 3 main phases you MUST have prepared for, if you want to be truly ready for a self - defense incident:

  • Phase #1:  - Preparation (The Before)
  • Phase #2: - Reaction (The During)
  • Phase #3: - Resolution (The After)

Come check us out, and together we can get you "Phased In" 

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Reality Check:

If something were to happen to someone you love…
How would you feel? 
How will you explain that you just were not prepared to protect them?
Saying, “I didn’t have time for safety” or “I had other priorities” won’t matter after the fact.
Carrying a gun can save your life, but before you even load it, arm yourself with a USCCA Membership.
This may be hard to hear, but the reality is:
Bad things DO happen... 
And it is on YOU to be ready.

Luckily, you can count on the benefits that come with every membership for the education, training, and self-defense insurance you need to become the guardian they deserve.



USCCA, created the best tools and resources in the industry, from experience and using professionals…
And it’s all with YOUR needs in mind because we understand you’ve got work, family and a whole slew of other items on your to-do list…
To ease your mind, USCCA,  backed it all with a 365-day Bulletproof Guarantee!
One moment can change everything... 
Choose to be ready by activating your USCCA membership in mere minutes.


Take care and stay safe,



Tim Schmidt
USCCA President



If you want to keep your loved ones safe and avoid danger and you believe in your right to self-defense call us for all your lifesaving educational needs.